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Better World Pets provide quality products to man's best friend in any breed or size. We specialize in products for aging dogs, but any dog will appreciate the most comfortable bed on the market.

We give 10% of profits to the Humane Society because we believe in their mission. Every purchase helps another animal in need.

BWP doggy beds consist of 100% shredded memory foam and our covers are made from 180 GSM water proof fabric. Our beds are over 6 inches thick to provide optimal comfort to our four legged friends. When you receive our doggy bed, you will see the difference in quality and comfort.

Why so much memory foam and why shredded memory foam?

Shredded memory foam allows better cushioning than solid memory foam. Solid memory foam pieces can be too firm and don't allow your dog to sink in enough for deep comfort. Give your dog the ultimate dream pad with a Better World Pets doggy bed.

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